Earth Day Challenge- April 22, 2020

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Earth Day 2020

Good morning Pine Glen Families!.  Earth Day is fast approaching. Earth Day takes place Wednesday April 22, 2020.  Please feel free to take part in this trial by choice challenge. You may choose to share photos of your Earth Day participation on the Pine Glen social media pages @PineGlenPS.

Earth Day Challenge

  1. What is Earth Day?:  Check out to find out more about the history of this special day.
  2. Write an Earth Day Poem:  Create a poem or short story dedicated to Earth Day.  Please see the following webpage for some inspiration.
  3. Create an Earth Day Poster: Use phrases like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  Create a new slogan or make a commercial that raises awareness about Earth Day.  Make Earth Day posters with these slogans and place them in your window for all to see.
  4. Read Earth Day books: Read books focused on the environment.   There are many educational and inspirational children’s books available.  A classic book about saving the Earth is Dr, Seuss’s, The Lorax. I believe there’s also a movie.
  5. Write or listen to an Earth Day song:  Encourage your kids to write and sing their own songs about Earth Day.  Listen to songs about nature and the environment.
  6. Plant something:  Consider planting a flower or tree if possible. If not , simply remember to  water your indoor flowers.
  7. Start a garden:  Work with your kids to plan a garden.  Talk about your climate and soil. Determine if you have an outdoor area to plant in or if you would rather start a garden indoors.  Discuss what type of garden you will start: flower, fruit, vegetable, or butterfly? Research what type of plants thrive in your area and select accordingly.
  8. Make Earth Day crafts:  Pick an Earth Day craft or two to create.  Younger children may enjoy using blue and green playdough or clay to create their own mini-Earths.  
  9. Have fun with Earth Day activities:  Add some games with Earth Day themes!  
  10. Clean up your yard.